Thursday, March 5, 2009

SOLD FAZ & AAPL puts... bought FAZ puts

Ok... sold FAZ 96+... but i SHOULD have set stops at <96 and >100... oh well a few bucks off... Not bad considering i got in at 39. Sold AAPL puts at a loss, being that AAPL is one of the few spotlights that the few bulls are clinging to... Believe me though, i may rebuy puts on AAPL at earnings...

Anyway, i do sense a BIG time rally... we may get nibblers to the table tomorrow... which i do hope, and i think another drop Monday.

After that I really do think the Dow will head back to 8000 level. At that point I will again look to reload on my FAZ.

Anyway, i have learned that patience is imperative... follow me or thehawaiitrader on twitter... i do not log on every day, but i do when i place my trades... and especially when i feel we are at a crossroads on the tape or near resistance or support on the Dow.

Pay your debts (and make money by saving it)... that is all i got to say, and everything will be bonus...

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Gio said...

Hey that's FAZtastic!