Monday, December 17, 2007

All Things Considering...

Iam having a down year thus far... with the market following my lead...HA! Anyway, so many charts are bearish (technically) that i am totally overwhelmed. I'm not sure if we're officially in a bear market...but my FXP will sit for awhile.

Happily, i am watching my December puts make a comeback altho many are outa range. still it looks like i'll have losses to cash out rather than going to zero
-IWM, SNCR (why it went up mystifies me), DRYS (too way out, but still has a chance), GOOG & FSLR (too far out)...

Jan/Feb puts: AKAM (jus a matter of time), FRE (maybe not a good idea), PALM (turned into non-standard options after huge divident payout - it's way in the money but no one is touching it)

Tech took a giant spill today. The leaders will fight to stay bullish... and can knock bears will a few upper-cuts (as i've experienced in the past). I hope my learning by experience will help me to be more vigilant.

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