Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I had no idea it reports so early...

Although i donʻt believe it will be a homerun as AAPL. It has nontheless expanded to several countries. Even if it just beats earnings and give aggressive guidance, i think news of a touchscreen to challenge the iPhone will be the catalyst to this stock.

The trend down has been all but played out.

if i see what data i find is reasonable... i will be in the money Marchʻ08calls to protect from downside risk. and still benefit from a nice pop... i donʻt plan to hold this thing beyond friday. the other way to position this is to short or buy puts at market open if the stock does indeed pop

The influencing factors include BSC, FDX, and a bunch of eco data (jobs report, inflation data) will also be on the table tomorrow AND friday...

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