Thursday, December 20, 2007

RIMM day

Even in a "bear" market you can find a few gems. But you can get whacked too. Core inflation report tomorrow & eco data from next week present ominous signs... BSC & FDX were expected to post losses so nothing specific to their earning is bringing down the market.

The dilemma is that RIMM could trade in a bubble for a few days. risking nothing never pays anyone... (then again thereʻs nothing to lose). if RIMM does suprise then horray!!! iʻm buying puts... so, with the chump change i have left in portfolio A, iʻm thinking of a March call far out. then cash it (assuming it goes green). use that cash to buy them puts... FLY doesnt like the way it is trading...

i canʻt wait for 2007 to end... the credit crunch & greedy lenders....LED to mortgage write downs/ housing woes. Oil was always an issue, so alternatives energy were the benefactors. i guess i have to summarize all this later for my benefit.

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