Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This is when one should be extremely cautious. Eco news abound this week. And to make matters worse (for bulls), oil will be up as well (Turks invasions). the trend may in fact be down as a whole. so selectivity is key.

Anyway, i patiently wait. Many opportunities in the market (bear or not). I recommended last week to get some FXP prior to today... If you bought Monday, props to you. it should make some dough sometime this week

I'm still very bullish on AAPL. i was looking for 260 LEAP. but based on the volitile sentiments ahead, i may just go for MacWorld and buy Jan'09 calls in the summer. A co-worker (and many investment sites) like MON. Ag is a good place to LEAP. and they're relatively cheap.

We'll see how this week goes, i may very well buy LEAPS on both AAPL and MON.

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Anonymous said...

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