Monday, December 3, 2007


it was a tough monday for me. and i couldn't have imagined how bad it would have been had i not stock up on puts at the end of last fridays trading day...

reading a number of financial blogs/sites while on my break.

Bearish sentiment abound... protection against recession is a subject as well.

Technicals show particularly in IWM that though it "pierce" it's support as noted by Tim. Another site mentioned that it rarely trades lower than 76 area. I'm still holding my put@72 (at a loss, hopefully temporary). Mixed but acknowledged downtrend.

I really feel i missed out on the last winter rallies the last 2 years, having not participated in options. it's funny how just holding equities long at this point may have been the way to go (AAPL in particular).

I'm basically waiting on the side til friday... not much posting as well.

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