Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stand "Corrected"

Props to be sent out to the "Bee". He calls a correction on solar stocks on wednesday... and bam it hits today. He noted the 100% plus over the 200 MA values were vulnerable to correction. IBD notes the 110% rule. That being the case a correction is HEALTHY. Allow the stock to take a break. Note the current rally is off much selling for the end year.

btw, i am still wondering when AAPL will take a break from this run-up. Although during the last shake up i called for news boosting this stock... and itʻs happened. patience is what iʻm practicing as MacWorld approaches. The market in general will be volatile the next 2 weeks as many pro investors have noted. iʻm hoping the stock flattens out with the market. but the rumors of 5 mil iPhones sold is the current buzz.

i bought some FXP for the time being... tomorrows eco include new home sales, and next week. the FED speaks again, AUTO sales, construction spending, factory orders, unemployment, etc talk about bad news coming.

Lastly, the middle east assassination will likely boost oil prices as a result of questions of stability. i may just buy some USO calls. just maybe...a small piece... oil prices cannot help but grow higher as production costs for the 2nd highest oil supplies (Canada oil sands) increase.

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