Friday, December 21, 2007

Gun Shy

Well, my previous post shows the effect of a bear sentiment. Being gun shy... I will remember this day... I tried to sell at the market open and made only 50% versus a 100%. Plus i was too far out on my strike to benefit this spike despite being out in March. My original in the money plan was perfect. A guy named FLY scared me off a bit. This is the 2nd time I failed to stick to my convictions regarding RIMM.

Also, my FXP sold off as well... and now... i really have nothing positioned. At least it wasnʻt a loss. But it was a far cry from an 18% gain... which would have funded my RIMM position more adequately.

I look forward to the reading material headed my way... thx to AMZN.

I will use today as a my test for the "big" trade in AAPL. thatʻs over 2 weeks from now... so, i have much time to mull things over. With my mulah... The plan is 2-fold

Portfolio B: AAPL ʻ09 LEAPS (out of the $): hopefully a tax benefit...
Portfolio A: AAPL calls pre-MacWorld or day of... hopefully funds more trades for ʻ08. Hopefully, my risk management has improved.

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