Monday, December 3, 2007

Sold LOSERS... Keeping Winners

RIMM Calls last week was a bad idea. good thing i bot some puts as well...which opened 100+% the only cause for pause was my leaning bullish at the time. I dig the company tho, and will line things up for itʻs earnings in January.

Not sure if iʻm dumb keeping SNCR. It seemed like it was heading back down. but the candlestick in hindsight plainly shows it has steam to run forward. i await 12/7

FSLR call still kicking. My LONE bull in this market are (is) solars. and a crazy AAPL call that was cheap tho far out if news develops faster than technicals or bucks the marketʻs bearish sentiment.

Portfolio A continues on itʻs downtrend. *sigh* HA! looks like iʻll get a tax return again on capital Losses...
Portfolio B sits doing nothing. Maybe i should at least buy AAV to get some dividends.

Iʻm having to step back a bit to look at things. Iʻm keeping all bearish positions otherwise, as Dec 7 will mark a "day in infamy" for wall street. Iʻm thinking of doing a few things old school and actually learn how to trade the technicals in longer period charts.

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