Monday, December 3, 2007

SOLD calls

I couldnʻt even hang onto FSLR. i briefly looked into the RIMM puts. but will wait maybe the day before friday.
weirdly, SNCR was up 10+%, iPhone? dunno. just a gap up? weʻll see come friday...

Portfolio A is full of bears... puts:
IWM (broke below 75.9 ala Timʻs chart)
FSLR (old purchase & too far out)
AKAM (Feb)
FRE (Jan)
DRYS(old purchase & far out)

lone bull: AAPL...(again, old buy & far out)

Iʻll take a break this week. Iʻm tired... "Da Bearsz" (thx SNL)

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