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Who SHOULD HAVE Won the Heisman (Prior to 2007)

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I felt Brennan should have won LAST YEAR. Other guys i think should have won? I pick Vince Young & Marshall Faulk.

Although I didnʻt see them live, I saw them TAKE OVER games. Regarding Colt, he threw 500+ yards on beating BCS conference teams. I saw him with my own eyes. And when we Hawaii followers consider how it was with Tim Chang (like a stock zig-zagging), you appreciate what Colt has been doing(bullish...breakout...). He WONʻT win this year. TOO MANY INTERCEPTIONS this year... based on his record breaking stats last year... if it wasnʻt for that, heʻd be in... No doubt. Imagine, he sat out the 4th quarter of a bunch of games last year. If Coach Jones left him in he would have had 7000 yards & 70 TDs(easy against good teams)!

I have a portion of the article below, itʻs getting mentioned on The Dan Patrick Show (ESPN-radio), interesting article:

By Pete Fiutak | CFN Heisman Central

"It's now become a college football tradition to award the Heisman Trophy, the premier individual prize in all of sports, in between the end of the regular season and the bowls. Unfortunately, the signature player of a given season often times isn't determined until after the bowl game, and as everyone knows, one huge performance on a national stage often means everything in the race.

In the 2007 battle, look at how Arkansas star Darren McFadden went from also-ran to possible front-runner by blowing up against LSU when everyone was watching. Missouri's Chase Daniel went from certain finalist to out of the picture after struggling in the Big 12 Championship loss to Oklahoma. Yes, one big day on the national stage, or one dud, is often the difference between winning and being a footnote.

If the voting was done after the bowl games over the year, who would've won? USC RB Reggie Bush might have been a transcendent superstar in 2005, and he had a whale of a Rose Bowl, but Texas QB Vince Young would've won if the voting had been done after the national title game.

Sometimes the Heisman serves as a motivating factor in a bowl game for the opposing defense, so it's not always cut-and-dry that the winner would be clear after the bowls like it does now. Even so, going back to 1970, when the national title started being awarded after the bowls rather than after the regular season, here are the last 36 Heisman winners and what would've likely happened if the big prize was awarded after the season was actually over.

2006 Troy Smith, QB Ohio State
The Final Three Were ... 1) Smith, 2) Darren McFadden, RB Arkansas, 3) Brady Quinn, QB Notre Dame
The Likely Winner After The Bowls Would've Been ... Colt Brennan, QB Hawaii
The Final Three Likely Would've Been ... 1) Brennan, 2) Smith, 3) McFadden
Troy Smith won the Heisman in a landslide, but after completing just four of 14 passes for 35 yards with an interception in the BCS Championship debacle against Florida, the voting would've been wide open. Darren McFadden was fine against Wisconsin, but he wasn't special and his Hogs lost. No. 3 in the voting was Brady Quinn, but his Irish got whacked by LSU in the Sugar Bowl. West Virginia QB Pat White, and not teammate Steve Slaton, who was fourth in the voting, was the star against Georgia Tech in the Gator Bowl, and Mike Hart's Michigan team got crushed by USC in the Rose Bowl. That leaves Colt Brennan, who put up a record-setting season at Hawaii with 58 touchdown passes, 5,549 yards and five rushing scores. He tore apart Arizona State in the Hawaii Bowl throwing for 559 yards and five touchdowns with an interception in the 41-24 win."

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