Wednesday, November 26, 2008

AHA! DUG watch... RIMM... Hopeful Rally... & HTX

Its approaching its 52 wk low. Awesome. Regarding one can easily say that this is how oil trades to begin with... Oil goes up in late spring through summer and comes back down again. Its just that we had an extreme version this year. Sure I kinda agree with that. But know this that Mr. Obama is not an oil lover. Thus, I love DUG falling like a rock until Jan "something" when the dude gets in office. I hate politics otherwise.

RIMM... this is a heads up on next Q earnings. 'Put' it
The BlackBerry Storm is getting bad review after bad review. I like my BlackBerry (Pearl), so i am not a hater... This doesnt bode well for the stock. The Storm was suppose to stop switchers going over to the iPhone... The only ones buying the Storm are VZ people who have no choice. But from what I am reading, people bring it home and get tired of texting on the thing with its click screen. The OS/software hasnt adapted well away from the scroll ball navigation. I foresee BlackBerry spending more $ on ads (ala MSFT - VISTA). But bad product is just bad product. There are nice things about it, but its main feature the click screen will kill it... If you dont believe me, this one statement from one site says it all - "Vista got better reviews." or the NY Times says "I've got a better name for it: BlackBerry Dud." Wait for them puts next Q earnings report.

Well, i do hope this rally carries to years end. It only sets up for a nice Bearish start of the new year.

It finally stop dropping so fast... It will eventually drop with the dividend pay out, thus my puts are in play. But i need some value left in the position to sell. So I continue to hope the Rally continues at least past the pay out.

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