Monday, November 3, 2008

WYNN... PUTS kick in... Tim is on it... Other notables

It was so obviously a stupid set up. I will hold these Wynn puts.
Tim posted early this morning to short WYNN with a stop @ 70. Casinos were overbought (UPDATE: maybe not overbought, put an earring on a pig, Mr. Wynn was so evasive regarding actual numbers.) because of Wynn, but the economy havent really changed (it still stinks). Anyway, i woke up today and got 20% of my loser back. But the Casinos regardless of where they are will suffer. Wynn beat earnings because of their Chinese Casino, but looking forward, they are the very ones that are facing inflation and now how do you think they will deal with any new Prez? I could care less who the next Prez is as i am non-political. But the next Prez will likely slow the stupid selling of jobs to China.

POSITIONS: HK/PCX calls... WYNN puts... AUY...
I await tomorrow to buy a spec put on one of the defense contractors. If Obama gets in, the put will be like a treasure ticket.

I continue to hold HK because of it being winter... PCX is still there if we have bullish activity after Nov 4th. Gio is using PCX as a hedge. If my PCX call hits it will be a miracle, then again i only spend $30 for it. Coals still have their place, but apparently Obama is not a fan of them.

So, no trades today...

Casinos dipping...
Oil down =Airlines/Shippers up...
RIMM being on fire because of their upcoming Blackberry Storm... They should thank Apple that they didnt release the iPhone on Verizon. Otherwise they would be dead.

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