Thursday, November 20, 2008

WOW AAPL at Pre-iPhone levels

I bagged 5 figure coin on AAPL options on the release of the iPhone in Jan 2007 MacWorld. Unfortunately i lost almost all of it back to the market... as you know i am only making a comeback because of old puts that came to life and thus gave me some $$$ to get back and be a bear.

AAPL is not a stock that i recommend anyone owning. But the calls are insanely cheap if you wait for LEAPS that will be released into 2012 or more added to 2011. Apple has no choice but to eventually taper the price down And forget these exclusive contracts with AT&T, because they would essentially rule the U.S. if they were with Verizon & T-Mobile. That being said, I see this stock going to 50... if nothing cool comes out MacWorld '09. 50 is a buy level... into a LEAP. I know a few people that lose HUGE bucks to AAPL. I love the company, products, etc. But i hate the stock (for now).

Anyway, i caught a cold or flu from my wife and am fighting it off with non-OTC drugs that only masks symptoms. The drug companies keep fleecing us without curing anything. Outside of the ICU and Asthma attack related drugs, I thing drug companies belong in the same catagory with the BSC, LEH, FNM, FRE, AIG, GM, F of the world.

I have one trade to tell all of you soon... You will thank me later... I will in advance give props to Brian. Nothing secretive, but price sensitive. As you know i have little left in this market to make a sizable dent.

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