Thursday, November 20, 2008

RIMMs New STORM (not Bold)... FXI will be up today?... The Big 3 compromise

The newest Blackberry doesnt affect me as i refuse to be on Verizonz network. They are sim' less. In other words, they lock their features and sometimes stunt the features that are built on the phone itself.

Now that i got that negative disclaimer out of the way. Reading the reviews of the new Storm have been like the market - a downer. Mind you its not a crash. Descriptions such as big, heavy, confusing, and here is my favorite "the worse of both worlds" in regards to its mechanical touch screen. This does not bode well for RIMM. I will say if there is any positive news that spikes the stock i will buy a long term put on it.

I knew i shoulda sold this thing yesterday. But you know, as I said yesterday, the nice thing with FXI is that it may not reward you like other ETFs but it surely wont kill you either. Anyway, there are some buyers today and some positive intraday news. But its now how the day starts, its how it ends... its been that way everyday... not sure if today is one of them. I continue to hold FXI.

The BIG 3 Crybabies
Well, looks like some ground is being gained by the Big 3. I will say this would be my compromise to them. All the executives take a gigantic pay cut... i mean no one gets paid more than 200K. How would you feel about that? No stock options, no "fired" pay, nothing... The laborers are the victims (altho their unions may have made some of them lazy). The thing is, how is it that Hondas and Korean cars (i hate their car quality) have factories set up here that do well? Its the design stupid!!! Even if the Korean cars and more so that Hyundai logo annoy me (a cheap copy of Honda), some of their designs are just nice to look at. Korean cars used to be really ugly, but they figured out how to make them less ugly than american cars...

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