Monday, November 24, 2008

I FORGOT TO MENTION... sold YHOO PUT on Friday... Stuff

Well, its late but i am still unwinding form evening shift at work.

Anyway, i forgot to post that i sold out my YHOO puts for a 100% gain. AND i am wondering if i should have also sold my other NOC put too.

Anyway, I have a few puts out there (HTX, NOC) and some old calls (AAPL, POT, YHOO, PCX). If you notice, all of my calls are high flyers that move VERY fast on a rally. I know there is also RIMM, GOOG, BIDU... but RIMM might have some news from its newly released "Storm"... and GOOG/BIDU calls were just to pricey for my poor account.

I am vested in HTX and will likely not touch a thing with my positions. Although, I might sell that other NOC put after all. If we rally hard, there is no sense in keeping it... we'll see. Because i think next year we start the year with another drop off related to bad holiday sales.

My market gauge: FLY, TIM & GIO, CHARTswing you will have one thing in common. DO NOT SHORT. Expect a rally. I personally hope it doesnt go hard, just so i have a chance to participate once i get my HTX dividend.

Market opens in about 3 hours or so... I am going to bed.

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