Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Big 3 Crybabies. Oh, Finally FXI moves with the Market

Well, I cant stand the Big 3 Automakers. You know, it WASNT TOTALLY their fault that oil WAS at an all time high leading to their SUV minded demise. Nor was it their fault that those that back up financing for the people buying cars were busier lying in the governments face in how more $$$ would help their liquidity.

But in the end it IS their fault that they build some of the ugliest cars in the world. I had a conversation with someone long before this debacle. Outside of their high end stuff have you noticed the designs of their mainstream vehicles? It seemed like Dodge was going in the right direction early 2000, but have you noticed how the grills of their vehicles look like darth vader? Or have you seen how their once leading Mini-Van, looks like a 70's Van... just a van! Then you got Chevy, hey can you make your ugly logo even bigger? Why not just build a car in the shape of your logo... And finally Ford, i have to strain my brain to think of any vehicle that isnt a mustang or an F-150... in other words, nothing strikes me...

They have so many different models... For what? Look, I have never owned an American car. Or at least one with an American Logo (Hondas are actually build here!). Hondas are American built... (and now so are the Korean cars). They each have one simple car to handle a particular market. But the key ingredient is that each of them dont embarrass the driver (well maybe the Honda Ridgeline Trucks still stink cause they too are ugly). OK... enough of my ranting...

Jee, thanks for finally moving with the market... I was hoping to sell here but didnt do it on time. Mind you, i still think the Dow goes lower. All this Rallying is on LOW volume. I wish i had SOHU puts or dream i had BIDU puts a week ago. FXI just doesnt reward you very well, but in a volitile market wont cut you to pieces. So, I have no choice but to hold another day.

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