Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Tuesday Gauge...So far i added 6 HTX puts... Two ways to save money

TIM: "increasing overhead"
FLY: catching swing upward...that wont last long
GIO: no update... in other words nothings changed
Chartswing: no update
StockBee: he recommends 4 books...

As you can see the only one actually doing something is the Fly. Brave... I continue to hold my FXI puts AND a smattering of 4 other puts and 3 calls.

I added 5 HTX Dec 12.5 puts @.05 each! cant get any cheaper then that. I was surprised i got my price AND one Jan 12.5 @.10. As is usually the case, the puts that do well for me are the ones that i dont bother looking at.

1. Deals
Btw, Black Friday (big holiday discounts day, that traditionally starts the morning after thanksgiving) has already started for some retailers... These include Circuit City (bankrupt... so why not), SEARS/K-mart, Walmart & Best Buy. As an example, a 46 inch 1080 HDTV can be found <$800.

2. Pay off debts... dont make new ones

I am done for the day...
Anyway, i rarely watch TV.

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