Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leaving $$$ on the table... But on to the next table. And the 'miracle rally'

Well, HK worked well. But there are no spikes or collapses. Just a slow drift downward. So, that being the case, I missed a full 50% gain on HK puts...

However, hopefully the FXI puts will kick in yet again. Its funny how my Dec 25 puts are sandwiched by the 24 & 26 strikes that were much more profitable today... well... maybe not funny... Either way this may be the start of the major China meltdown part deux.

As for energy. Specifically oil, i am cautious what OPEC might do next. At the same time, "I dare them" to cause a spike in oil. That will be my entry on DUG or USO puts.

The Turkey rally it seems will not show its face. I do have a few calls in place if it does happen... Namely AAPL/POT that have been hosed at this point. If these calls go green... I will name this the miracle rally. BUT it looks like i should have had some out there puts as well... too late for that... they are both fliers up AND down...

Holding FXI...and will re-enter HK if it spikes up. FLY was surely point on regarding it going to single digits.

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