Monday, November 24, 2008

Landmines to Negate The Turkey Or Visa Versa

My crazy scottrade acct left my order yesterday as AZK open, when it didnt get in yesterday. I really didnt want it to go through... oh well. Gold goes higher from here

Well, Home sales were down but that didnt stop the Rally

Tuesday: GDP & Consumer confidence are in play
Wednesday: Income, Jobless claims, New Home sales

I will learn to strategize from TIM, FLY, GIO, ChartSwing, StockBee. Going long this week despite the eco news seems to be what the street is leaning towards with history to back it up. Then again we havent had the kind of volatility in past markets so, who knows.

I am happy to sit with HTX stock and put protection to boot for now and wait for the dividend.

No real trades for me til Dec 2nd

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