Friday, November 21, 2008

SOLD FXI puts (left one on a contingent stop)... FLU VIRUS... And a preview of a special trade...

There is just too much risk to keep my FXI puts so i sold most of the few that i had today. It will pick a direction and it will happen fast. Unfortunately, for some they will have to wait for the close to see how this ends. I figured I would take my 28% profit (sigh... that profit was 64% yesterday). If my lone fxi goes ultra green sure i will be disappointed a bit. But if i end up losing the bank on it. That would be worse.

I was basically sick yesterday, but not as bad as my wife. I was nearing a constant sore throat, but man there is this thing that actually shortens a cold and stops viruses from multiplying (thus, in this case the full blown Flu is basically stopped in its tracks). It is natural and from a special berry. cool stuff. Why... Because after what should have been about a weeks worth out of work for my wife has slimmed to 2 days. I told her to stay home today to make sure. And now she is cooking me breakfast. Pretty good huh.

Well, a clue to what this is related to is a huge dividend... Pay attention and I will let you in on it on the last hour... Special props to my friend Brian who shared this trade with me. Mind you... I want the best price for this so I am not saying a thing.

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