Monday, November 24, 2008

You Probably Already Saw this Clip... Peter Schiff

Peter Laffer... your are such a joke... I 'LAUGH' at you.
Tom Adkins you looked like an idiot that day - now you ARE an idiot.
Mike Norman... in answer to you: "NO, you dont know what you are talking about..." Now I am LAUGHING at YOU Mr. Norman.
Charles Payne... YOU are feeling the 'pain'. He chose WM!!! ha!!!
Unknown Female... just be happy your name wasnt on the screen.

The BEARS love you 5 idiots... My guess is we will see you again on any extended Rally.

Cavuto... you are suppose to be the moderate not lean in a direction. You are worse than ALL of CNBC. (But not worse than Cramer)

The only one that had class in those clips was Ben Stein. He wrote a NY Times piece apologized saying Mr. Schiff was right.

Enjoy this nice Bear rally. I am licking my chops to get back to puts once i get my HTX dividend.

Mr. Schiff predicted Gold... GLD... enough said, I will lie in wait.

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Gio said...

Nice vid. Great guy.