Friday, June 20, 2008

Coal... Oil... and another new momentum...

They have this saying in one ʻpagan originated holidayʻ. I got coal in my stocking.

Well, i tell you that is kinda how i feel today. Oil up... Coal... well, more profit taking. (Gio did warn). Albeit I wish i cashed that 60% one day profit on one of my calls.

As for USO, it is definitely sticking to the channel. it is a buy here. but something no one should hold beyond another green day.

As for SKF. I am so bummed i dont have enough capital to get in there. i have been saying that it is a winner for the summer. *sigh*

Anyway, i will add today to my list of ways how not to trade... cash profits fast in momentum stocks like any other. especially into options expiration friday, which is a nice time to buy...

This summer will be kinda boring regarding sports(sorry baseball, i wait for penant/world series). Maybe Olympics. I think Kobe is has some angst to take out his frustration on the world. Pierce had a great NBA Finals. He should be on the Olympic team. Anyway, Kobe will reestablish himself. And all this comparison about him versus Jordan I think has finally stopped.

One last thing... IPI. There is another momentum stock for you...

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