Wednesday, June 11, 2008

LEH, USO & Another useless Lakers post...

Well i was hoping today (actually yesterday 6/10/08) that LEH would find some positive territory all to allow me a nice entry on a LEAP put. Didnt happen.

And to make matters worse, it seems as though USO has lost some of the momentum i previously mentioned. The actual oil comod is up as i type this, but it doesnt seem to have as much of an effect if it doesnt have a strong specs on the call side. The strengthened dollar also has cut USO's legs a bit.

Lakers down 1-2. Celtics could have won this one. If it were Pierce instead of Allen that was the hot hand, I think the Lakers would have lost.

I never actually watched the game as i promised in a previous post. At least they wont get swept. All the talk of Laker's bench being superior is not true at all. Outside of Vuja*&^% & maybe Farmar - everyone else seems hesistant. The Lakers need after the post season may include someone from Detroit... I dont think the Lakers will have any problem attracting a player to take a pay cut and get a ring in the process.

It doesnt get any easier in THIS series for the Lakers IMHO. However, remember that this was the first time the Lakers beat them this season. Oh, and they need to practice some free throws.


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