Thursday, June 12, 2008

Next Year Lakers... back to USO

Well a nice entry (that i missed). I didnt touch USO @ 110. It did finish up, but i think going forward it will be going sideways a bit and then BAM! a spike... much as it did when it broke to 113 last friday.

I have no choice regarding USO but to wait it out until it finds another pull back.

As i said RIMM will be getting hit for the time being... But my attention is on ADBE taking the brunt.

Speaking of taking the brunt... The Lakers blew a 24 pt lead, which almost happen to the Celtics in game 2. I didnt actually watch it happen. And i was glad for that. The series is basically over. The Lakers miss Bynum.

Lakers 1-3. I think they will win the next game. But winning all 3 in a row... well you know how that usually goes. I am sure the Purple and Gold people as myself dont like their team losing, but at least the future is VERY bright... The only team stopping them next year are the Blazers... i dont think Houston can handle the Lakers front line.

I know the series is not over, but i must say... i have accepted defeat... and being that i follow the Raiders, it is something that i have gotten use to.

I do think that after this year... the Lakers will be on a mission next year... btw, my Penguins lost too... both in the championship of the respective sport. Maybe that means the Raiders will be in the Superbowl... maybe not.

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