Friday, June 13, 2008

SKF... Looks good - but wait...

I am on the watch on energy. But i tell you the one thatʻs like a ticking time-bomb INHO is SKF. A deep in the money call looks good.

A younger dude that taught me some stuff recommends energy... that is LOCAL, in North America.
Here is his rundown: PCX, CRK, HK. I listed them in the order that i like... I mean look at the chart yourself!

Well, i never knew of these tickers. I am totally blown away by their charts. I pick PCX as the equivalent to last years FSLR. There are a number of things i like besides the technicals. I always liked coal... it is a usual pick for winter, but in this case if you wait to get in at that time, you will be slapping yourself silly...

One nice parameter in choosing a stock is finding one with momentum with <15 years history... or relatively new. And you can see that PCX carries that new hot stock... it has been public for like hmm 7 months? now June 18 is a big day for oil... if it goes down, will the coal sector fall with it? Donʻt know.

Anyway, thx to Gio, i have been waiting for something else besides USO & V... and SKF is somewhat long in the tooth (but do not discount the fact that there is a ton of bad news that awaits the rest of this year...) For now PCX looks to be something to grab on to with a lot of option action. I am looking for deep calls.

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