Monday, June 23, 2008

Another HK sold! PCX candlestick... RIMM... ADBE..

My last call with HK was triggered. 20% gain. Not bad at all... And I didnt decide in the moment. I might have held this longer had i not set a trigger, but my goals have become conservative with a view to preserving capital.

I will wait again for another entry. Patience is key for me...

PCX... hmm one candle stick pattern calls for three down days followed by a STRONG gap... we will see tomorrow. The other coals are on fire, it doesnt make sense to me why PCX wont follow the sector trend.

RIMM earnings reports June 25... after market. I am looking to do a ʻstrangleʻ. I really dont like tech right now, but the moves are quick and furious (altho it didnt work for me on ADBE puts, which btw has its 50 & 200 day MAʻs crossing last friday... going down from here i think.)


Gio said...

20% option gain on stock that moved up 8.49% today? That's unacceptable!!

HK is breaking out. It made a new 52-high. Take partial profits, let the rest ride. It's not everyday we can pick a winner like this one!

Anyway, a gain is a gain, and 20% is sweet. But I really thought you would have 150% gain since buy point.

Gio said...

Oil and drilling picks...

PDO, up 28% today. Spec play, since market cap is very small.

ESV ... a better play. I'm sure it's better than Fly's RIG pick.