Thursday, June 26, 2008

SOLD PUTS! and bought others... bounce concerns

Nke July55put for .55 (bought yesterday at .10 man shoulda bought 50 options, yeah right... )
DIA sept118put: Repositioned elsewhere
USO aug110call: not sure if Oil $/barrel will break past 140 just yet...
NCOC shares: gonna put my $ elsewhere next week...

SDS sept63call: action gaining, hope they start bidding it up
QQQQ aug48put: get deeper ITM, tech will suffer more than other sectors
Palm july5put: you think RIMM was bad?
RIM july100put: i doubt it will get to 100 but worth a shot
funny i tried to get RIMM july90put ystrday for like .06 didnt want to pay .10, should have tried harder no?

RIMM puts were the definite winner of the day...
I am not throwing a parade... in fact I am a bit worried about my puts getting pounded if we get a little bounce tomorrow... I can thank Mr. Tim for that one. He sees support @ 11.5K for the Dow...

Anyway, i think the market may very will stink it up for awhile... remember the Morgan Stanley guy? He said, "Catastrophe in the near future..." Well, to be honest 11,500 for the Dow is still subject to bounce, however BELOW 11,500 then you will have the media saying, "How low can you go..."

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