Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oil/Energy Strength... while PCX Amazing

I was really unsure at one point what to think of energy... I saw USO <108 (which i considered its base) being tested. A solid turn around to say the least. And I slept through the last 2 HR & 55 min of the market before doing the following. (5 minutes is too short of a time)

I added to my HK today. The thing is I tried to flip my ITM HK sept call to get enough capital for an entry into PCX, but alas my hands were too slow. I was only able to buy an OTM HK Sept45call. *sigh*

Mind you i still like HK this far out...But PCX is a monster (This years FSLR)! I say 200! But if I cannot get in Gio has given me a couple choices
That is NCOC & ICO (I like ICO because of the options of course), they are dirt cheap. But i wasnt quick enough to get in that one either.

I think i want to also add UNG to the mix somewhere down the line...

For now, consider it a nice bounce off a bottom for Oil. The real time (you see to your right) shows it pulling back a bit at the time of this post but, the $/barrel is solidifying itself above $135 (having been stuck 133 to 134 the last few sessions). It will have to break through 139 as the next resistance. From there $150 may be realized as some suggest by July 4. That is capitalism for yah.

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