Thursday, June 12, 2008

Waiting... USO...

So i got the pull back on SKF. But i think it would be best to wait it out until GS reports June 17. I am unsure how much LEH goes lower - but it will. I predict all the news about them removing the board is meant to ease things. But again, GS continues to buck all other banks/financial in terms of earnings day

USO is having a rally second half of the day. I am looking at maybe getting back in at July97call (again). It seems cheap here. I wish i was able to buy at the open... But i know enough not to play with poison. If it gets <110. It looks to be a buy. A solid base has formed above 100 and a minor one at 108 (wish i got in...)

Looking at some other charts. RIMM looks like it will go slowly down for some time - until earnings. It keeps beating and with adequate guidance. But for the time being it may be a nice short next week. Let this week pan out. AAPL usually gets a beating in comparison to RIMM as is the case today. I saw that coming...

Lakers/Celtics. Lakers are still in survivor mode. They have to at least win tonight to keep the series going. Otherwise, hasta la vista.

btw, windows Vista must really stink if MSFT is allowing people to downgrade to XP after buying a Vista box. I havent experience any problems with my very short time in Vista. But all these horror stories come out when i talk to Vista users. Windows 7 should be better since it sounds like they are actually taking their time on the basic foundations of the OS... blabbing again.

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