Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Congrats RIMM ʻputʻters... and well everyone who shorted earnings

All them got varying degrees of smack
first up the only big name that reported during session: MON: > -3% (as much as -6%)

Then you have the after-hour crowd:
RHT: -0.85%
RIMM: > -7%
NKE: > - 5%
ORCL > -3%

lovely isnt it? For bears... who are we kidding here FED? In any case, I may not have been able get a put position in any of them, but i sure was able to do so via the one ʻputʻ for the general market. i did failed to get puts in NKE (retail is not where you want to be) & but did RHT jan12.5put. I think their proposed guidance will smack them...

RIMM gets the ʻdisappointed awardʻ usually given to AAPL when there is a run up to earnings.

Energy (namely coals) and Ags made a nice rebound. Of interest is PCX which looked mighty powerful! It did a huge 9% turn around. Now that we know where it was, we have an idea of where it could go from here 160+ (sept165call looks tempting). being that i do options i can wait for clear signals at that point. HK mustered itself to finish green. i will await it breaking 44 and go with the momentum from there.

The big news left that awaits July 3rd! Then the nation can celebrate (mourn) its economic situation on July 4. How nice, throwing away or in this case blowing up more money in the form of colorful fireworks... I dont celebrate July 4 myself, but if anyone out there does... you can see the irony in all of this... but excuse my sarcasm.

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