Friday, June 20, 2008


Mind you i should have woke up early this morning to get HK out. I left my Sept45call alone. But i took whatever profit was left on Sept40call. bummer it was up 60+% in like 2 days. wont happen again trust me. But for now the prudent move was preserving my position. HK i have questions as to it sticking here. But i saw it at 36 just 3 days ago... If it hangs here it should be ok. I am glad i didnt have a JULY call. That would have been disasterous if that is a word

DBA is still holding strong to its base

My eyes are still on PCX, HK, SKF, USO (channel continual)... and now IPI (bare 3 months old but look at it up 15% in one month).

I will let my rule hold... get some kind of profit from HK & DBA before speculating on something else. It is easier to lose money than to make it in this market. again... i will sell for quick profit from momentum stocks next time around...

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