Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DJI daily... weekly... is weAkly

So here is the Dowʻs daily... it has been trading under the 200 MA for some time now.

Now check out the weekly chart... either way some huge movement is coming soon.

Tomorrow could be a yawn if the FED holds rates. the thing is when they say any other stuff is the thing where things are uncertain. but what we do know is this...
If they indeed raise rates, Kaboom... maybe short your USO... but look out maybe you should short everything
If they cut rates, Kaboom get your USO!.
See, itʻs oil (and gold & the $US)... so what is new? NOTHING...

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Gio said...

hey stuck, want me to add a link to your website?

I changed my URL.


...but intuitivetraders.blogspot.com still works. LoL!

All indexes are getting ready to crash. I really wish the Vix were in the 30s simultaneously with the indexes at March lows, but right now the Vix is at a pathetic low 20s. Then I could say we would bounce strong. Right now, we are very news-sensitive :-(

... these kind of readings are not good for going long or short. Grrr.

I think Dow 11,500 is a buy point if Vix is at 29-30.