Friday, September 14, 2007

Beat Your Own Drum

As my self-education continues. Itʻs funny how the market can make even the most experienced traders look like fools. So, I donʻt feel as a bad.

So, whatʻs next for this week...eyes for me are on:
AAPL: possible deal with euro telcoms on Tuesday.
-so what does history show. buy calls today (Friday)... sell on day of
-buy puts day of or day after.

the timing seems right as the FED opens their mouth next week

RIMM: people still buying it up. must be patient. after FED - hope for pullback
- regardless, iʻm wanting to buy up calls day b4 earnings.
SNCR: nears new high
VMW: donʻt touch w/o a huge dip.

PALM: now we have a few people getting bullish with them. dumb...
- if stock goes up, iʻll buy LEAPS into ʻ09puts.

i wonʻt bother mentioning anyone else.
gota go...

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