Friday, September 21, 2007


yesterday was so frustrating
-GS ended down on blow out earnings. today...logic prevails, or profit takers yesterday bought back. still off itʻs 52wk hi. graphs show a gradual bullish trend last year.

Excellent play:
-ORCL: bought securities and a small call position. no spikes, just consistent growth even on a quarter thatʻs typically weak for them. i still have to see if VMW somehow affects them in anyway.
-SNCR: didnʻt touch them...itʻs turning into an AAPL of itself volitility wise

Possible panic?:
-RIMM: i bailed at first sign of trouble. look at it today... but iʻm not complaining. bulls love this stock anytime the DOW/NASDAQ goes up.

-AAPL: wait for earnings. hereʻs something for you: iPhone in europe November. done deal... buy calls in stages from there.
-VMW: heading past 80, so Y donʻt i buy? i want it to turn into RIMM, iʻll buy calls day b4 earnings next Q

-PALM: itʻs like beating a dead horse! or any dead animal for that matter. why itʻs up, i dunno. Wallstreet will punish them severely again one day. i will look to going into 2009puts if this green trend continues

wrong way
-CC: the most obvious play...but i went the wrong way because i didnʻt do research. i missed out on banking 200%+, some were hoping they would follow BBYʻs lead (me). nope. at the very least it was a straddle position

ok iʻm done...bye

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