Monday, September 17, 2007

"Come on Down!!!" It's the Price is Right!

Financials are taking a beating as expected as well.
-It was one of those Guaranteed $$$ on the shorts/puts

As of now 551am HST, it's red across the board.
One "green" spot involves BIDU. the bulls are fleeing to China.

AAPL: holding up as news of it's mobile partners trickle. stay disciplined!
RIMM: let it fall a bit.
SNCR: redundant? yes. if they hook up w/AAPL's euro deal. it's a huge win
VMW: awesome earnings. and a 5% dip. another red day signals buy!

PALM: i hate them... no former AAPL exec can save them
DELL: i can't wait til tomorrow. hope to exit this trade w/minimal loss
CFC/LEN/DHI: yawn. they will be off my radar soon
MOT: look for any green day(s)...then short them

i'm leaving work soon...gota go

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