Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Talk about the shorts getting killed. They had nowhere to hide! 1/2% pretty much blew the doors on everything. Itʻs back to the bulls this week (and who knows when itʻll end) Tho i must say itʻs like being between a rock and a hard place for sure.

*I SHOULDʻVE PLACED A SPEC CALL on RIMM (Oct120call x5 risk $250)*

PALM: bogus
DELL: there went that plan for Sept. but sticking with Jan22.5puts

tomorrow i will be up at market open. now that iʻve missed this day.
TOO MANY PLACES. so stick with where the bull volume goes!

plan: buy up as far out as possible on OCT & JAN options
- VMW cheap!!! oct120calls@.20? not for long [10 contracts @.40]
- RIMM oct120calls@.50 [20contracts@.50/10@$1...risk $1K]
- AAPL jan250@.35 [10 contracts @.50]
- GS (reports sept 20) Jan300@.10 [10 contracts @.20]

and for a somewhat conservative play: VMW shares
total option risk: $2100 max

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