Sunday, September 9, 2007

i got the night off...

wow my first weekend blog. so wut to look for tmrw? FED!
here we go again... upside??? or downslide? well...

hereʻs a hopinʻ short-term positive news(my RIMM needs help)
however, PALM, DELL... i need some bad news goinʻ their way eventually... i do have til January tho.

AAPL: got smashed(missed the calls on the hype and the puts thereafter) i continue to remind myself to wait.
RIMM: itʻs a bit distressing with the iPhone breathing down their necks. iʻm running away from these guys pronto if thereʻs a nice trend prior to earnings
VMW: itʻs got more competitors all the time. wait 4 earnings
SNCR: cʻmon european deals!!!
IDCC: WallSt still in?

PALM/DELL: PALM is dead, no doubt. Dell continues to fight, i welcome some bad news from the FEDs just please not right away...
CFC/LEN/DHI: near bottoms. how low can you go?

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