Monday, September 24, 2007

slimmin losses...letting greens ride...

Iʻve come to expect losses by now. thus, the name (since iʻd like a gain but iʻm so far in the hole that i might as well ride it out)

as expected monday. things start green.
THE BULLS! (from most to least)
-BIDU: canʻt stop this train...tempted to buy any dip.
-RIMM: my selling Jan113.5 calls prior to FED haunts me. but i shall be satisfied w/ Oct120calls for now. iʻm lookinʻ to dec130 calls. someone said theyʻd reach 105 prior to earnings...hmm i think itʻll be more... i will buy some disaster puts prior to earnings. but hope that zeroes out of course.
-VMW: i am lookin at some calls. whatʻs healthy about this stock is it takes a break on itʻs own from time to time. there will be dips to buy
-AAPL: itʻs hard to decide where to buy. goes down as fast as it goes up, it will stay above 140 from here. waiting for earnings tho. i predict itʻll one day smack RIMM in the mouth.
-SNCR: keeping above 40. itʻs been volitile, but itʻs decided a direction.
-GS: financials are slow to build. thez guys are solid.

-PALM: shall be revealed (eventually). moving puts to ʻ09 if ʻ08 turns bad.
-LEND: i hav an ʻ09 put on them. spec
-DELL: i finally sold the loser

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