Monday, September 24, 2007

tailed off...then take off

itʻs these moments where i think i could do a better job.

i saw a +46% (one day gain) erased to a smudge. RIMM calls
-it crossed my mind to sell and switch go closer to $$$ in DEC.
-then the risk reward thing came up again, imagine a one day 10 to 20 pt gain aʻ la RIMM (and BIDU), risk a few hundred for a gain of thousands. possible? yes... and this was the reason i sold half the position in the 1st place. AND the fact that i sold Jan113.5 too early.

SNCR took was flatlining, then BOOM!

my jaw continues to drop on BIDU. the contracts are prohibitively pricey... bulls are everywhere here. it may be time to switch from RIMM to BIDU as my major, with AAPL eventually stinking up RIMMs bottom line

ORCL is not a flyer. so oct22.5 maybe wasnʻt a good idea. granted i shoulda sold. yesterday.
lesson: no earnings month options if itʻs not a mover. this lesson taught w/both GS & OCRL. these are nice in themselves

the movers: BIDU, RIMM, AAPL, VMW. SNCR

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