Thursday, September 20, 2007

Safety...surviving a potential disaster

-GS: blasted past expectations. but this market runs scared! iʻm holding my ground with Jan290calls. bid fell to .15 versus .45
-CC: what a stupid play. unproven company... i cud accept GS play, theyʻre solid. but CC had nothing. i completely chose the wrong direction
-RIMM: got in too late and failed to cash the meager gain. i found myself chasing this a bit. a better play would have been to wait for earnings.

-PALM: i dunno whose pumpinʻ this stock. but they are so far behind the competition.

-ORCL: itʻs a good thing i caught this late. missed it yesterday. still a modest upside possible... not looking for a homerun.
-RIMM: some buy backs after-hours. but cut my loses/risk. the upside on earnings cannot be ignored. i see BlackBerries advertised everywhere. itʻs becoming the mainstream smartphone. iPhone owns the highend.

-RIMM: puts were there to save me from total collapse. selling some calls to protect the portfolio
-AAPL: stay away from the Lull. wait for earnings date. patience always rewarded.
-SNCR: as news on activations rise then get in.

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