Thursday, September 20, 2007


deciding to go semi-full bore on the market took guts on my part, but my having known that i missed the bought on Tuesday... didnʻt help. i at least was able to recognize Wednesday wouldʻve been a nice day to get out, but i didnʻt again.

GS: holding Jan290 for now. iʻll decide come monday.
RIMM: sold 1/2 position on oct120calls.
-like what i said earlier. wish i took that "small" gain yesterday. there was a little hiccup going on.
-my meager puts was a smart idea ($ i wasted on CC calls shouldʻv been here)
-Jan calls coming back to affordable rates.
-i will be studying RIMMʻs charts prior to earnings this weekend after "more important things"
PALM: logic prevails come on down
DELL: iʻm reminded of how this was an emotional trade

btw, scottrade stinks... i canʻt stand them...
i couldnt sell my Oct260 GS calls for even a nickel...
iʻm cashing out that account after ORCL reports today.
tradestation will be my trading platform soon.

ORCL would be the only thing left that wouldnʻt humiliate me
-itʻs a reasonable trade... consistently building up, not very volitile

-any slowdown on the buying (RIMM)... pick up (more) puts (insurance)
-RESEARCH!!! CC taught me to check the marketʻs opinion 1st...and i knew nothing of itʻs management being obviously inferior to BBY. all this would have led me to buying puts!!! which wouldve been a nice little gain.
-check how market responds to earnings (GS ainʻt RIMM), then plot out how far to place calls (oct260 was dumb)


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