Saturday, September 29, 2007


Now i am completely 2nd guessing myself. my adding RIMM Nov115calls would have been perfect late friday. Alas, i got pounded as profit takers came in. I do think itʻs going up on Monday. but the full potential for the trade has been missed. history shows RIMM dips prior to earnings. and i FAILED TO RECOGNIZE that fact.

So, iʻm contemplating my Monday trade... get out of the Nov115 and wait for day of or prior?

itʻs quite dissappointing to miss another sign posted. and watching my Oct120 sink tho still a profit doesnʻt help matters.

GME will be a hold for me til mid january. maybe even 366 days from day bought.

PLAN: take any green on Monday... sell Nov115 and get closer to strike.

The risk/reward was well worth it with Oct120. adding Nov115 unwise...
now i have something i have to wake up for...

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