Thursday, September 27, 2007


i will soon add a performance/tracking for your entertainment. so you can eat ramen(saimin) and get some flying out of your nostrils. my wife is bugging me on the time i spend with this thing (because she wants to know if the time is producing $$$). i will hopefully be able to back track a bit... to the start of my blog...

-oct120calls (bought 9/19@.65)
-nov115calls (bought 9/26@4.035)
GS: jan290 (bought 9/19@.45stop laughing...)
PALM: jan10puts (bought8/13@.20)
LEND: ʻ09jan10puts (bought9/19@.32)

stocks: GME (bot 9/26@58.82)

note: PALM report Oct 1...RIMM Oct 4... fireworks!!!

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