Tuesday, September 11, 2007


AAPL: it was up solely on news ystrday. so nothing suprising here. patience will be rewarded come earnings...they will kick butt then... or prior to it... then the holiday hype will start. all the way to macworld
RIMM: if the FEDs say o.k. then weʻre off to the races. otherwise, iʻm near a sell, Gio says heʻs buying short-term puts. the charts tend to agree w/him & heʻs smarter than me. my plan as i said b4 was to buy calls day b4 earnings if this long put slides a bit.
SNCR: kickinʻ butt. itʻll also settle down soon.
VMW: crazy...i think i wudv made more than if i had options
IDCC: maybe iʻm wasting my time with this...

PALM: theyʻr actually setting up a nice board. a couple former AAPL guys. shareholders meet tmrw. they still stink if u ask me. oh, and the dudes that sued RIMM on patents are suing PALM now, way to drain more funds.
DELL: they claim they can grow through retail chains. YES!!! i mean, hey go ahead.
HOUSING RELATED: how low can you go?
NOK: buy volume picking up. watching closely for any sign of red
MOT: donʻt touch...yet...wait for earnings again.

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