Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Discipline is Difficult

i watched AAPL break 150. big volume. at this point any pull back here screems buy. the housing worries are ironically a good thing as it allows one an opportunity to get in. they donʻt immediately affect the company... you can look at each time the credit woes tanked this stock. it preceeded to shoot up the next day.

economic sept calendar includes:
Sep 27 8:30 AM GDP-Final Q2
Sep 27 8:30 AM Chain Deflator-Final Q2
Sep 27 8:30 AM Initial Claims 09/22
Sep 27 10:00 AM Help-Wanted Index Aug
Sep 27 10:00 AM New Home Sales Aug
Sep 28 8:30 AM Personal Income Aug
Sep 28 8:30 AM Personal Spending Aug
Sep 28 8:30 AM Core PCE Inflation Aug
Sep 28 9:45 AM Chicago PMI Sep
Sep 28 10:00 AM Construction Spending
Sep 28 10:00 AM Mich Sentiment Rev. Sep
>>>>>see for yourself if these indicators affect your stock...

BIDU: this might have been the day to get in. iʻm not counting on it. i canʻt afford the contracts.
RIMM: nervously waiting for earnings, itʻs one thing if u buy day b4 but thereʻs a sinking feeling if uʻr riding a far out strike w/no time to bail. also new BBs w/WiFi from Tmobile.
VMW: taking a break...
SNCR: volume not there...green always good
GS: slow but consistent
ORCL: iʻm patient, but will soon sell calls. it was a wasted trade.

PALM: I hate this stock.
LEND: ʻ09puts for a reason...

plan A: stick w/RIMM till earnings(2 days), then switch to AAPL. dump ORCL shares and buy VMW (again) w/some far out calls.

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