Thursday, September 20, 2007

BUY Results(pre-market)

-AAPL: the fact i stayed away was a safe play
-SNCR: safe play, tho possibly misread post spike down trend yesterday for sellers locking profits, and late day recoveryas a possible breakout
-GS: Jan290call one of the few companies that deliver each earnings. iʻm concerned

-GS: oct260 kinda far out.
-RIMM: the buyers are so crazy (which is what iʻm banking on) even when the stock is red, the calls yell buy me! resulting in green. what wouldʻve been safer was for me to start the call in the money. the premium was what got me to go far out of the money. i bought a couple 10% protection oct70put for my oct120call. iʻm hoping the earnings/guidance blow analysts again. if not... oh, oh... not much time to back track here.

-BIDU: what was i thinking again? shoulda bought VMW. tho upside remains, it was obvious how overbought it was. i plan to obtain some puts as insurance for the stock, if not sell outright and swallow some humiliation
-VMW: had i gone here instead of BIDU, iʻd be smiling

-CC: a little research wouldʻve saved me. lost was expected. what was i thinking. wiser would have been putting this $ in RIMM puts as further insurance.

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