Wednesday, September 12, 2007 the dummy...

RIMM sold calls. i shoulda watched this thing closer b4 selling. alot of people were shorting it, and my best guess is that they're all covering. I couldve made 50% versus my 20% gain today alone. Nonetheless it's a win. I find some easiness in getting out b/cz of iPhone discount. I will get back to RIMM at earnings.

AAPL: up nice. will buy on dip.
SNCR: follows suit again.
VMW: can't stop this train

PALM: we'll see what PR they'll spin with the new board.
DELL: maybe i should get out of this trade (Jan puts)
DHI/LEN/CFC: marginal action.

I hope the FED to do no favors, or the minimal 1/4%. therefore, i'm lookin' for the next BIG dip. then go long on AAPL/SNCR/RIMM/VMW. with emphasis on RIMM earnings.

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