Wednesday, September 26, 2007

time(ing) is $

Well, i pulled the trigger on RIMM Nov115calls. albeit $50/contract TOO early. and the funny thing is - i knew it! (the one pattern i have noticed is a huge open followed by a tapering off) so, was this an emotional trade? i still felt regrets in selling Jan113.5calls. one of my accounts wouldʻve been up 300%. if this daily pattern continues. then yay!.

AAPL: buy here? nope...tho i knew it past 140 it wud fly...
SNCR: not interested - yet
BIDU: back to earth? or another missed opportunity? iʻll wait for friday to buy. hope it continues the downward slope.
VMW: i am thinking itʻs parent company EMC may be a buy. reports Oct 25.
GS: slow/pokey. itʻll need to string greens for my calls to be back.

PALM: yawn... logics says i shulda added more puts... itʻs only sucking the life out of me
LEND: i am thinking i wasted my time here. i didnʻt do research on how it trades, but with monthly housing news, i took a stab. and i have til 2009

ideas: consider switch to longer RIMM calls if it opens huge to lower risk...

movers getting my attention:
-UA: downgraded. reports oct 30.
-GME: bought shares...itʻs been on fire since april

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