Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kinda went as planned...

Well, really wish i stayed up yesterday, so i wouldnʻt have to get up early today. The green signs being up was a done deal.

-RIMM: bought calls Oct120. seems out there,
but as the stock went down, the action increased
protect the blips oct70put
-AAPL: as hard it was to not touch them i stayed out.
good news w/T-mo Germany
-SNCR: talk about a perfect short (which i didnʻt do).
wait them out with AAPL
-VMW: didnʻt get a position at all. will wait for a dip somewhere
-BIDU: bought late (early morning, but late a few days),
still upside related to Olympics
*new position
-GS: Oct260calls reports tomorrow. as expected up. hope guidance good.
-CC: Oct12.5call. BBY suprised, so this is a spec.

-PALM: theyʻll go down. eventually
-DELL: yawn
-LEND: settled legal stuff w/another co. shares were up
so bought Jan10putsʻ09 (spec) housing stinks
-LEN/CFC/DHI... iʻm taking them off the list
housing related, missed a nice short with TOL.
they were up big early, despite dumb comments by CEO.
it went red 2 hours later...

gota go!!!

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